An Overview of Our Feature Columns

In our efforts to provide you with consistently useful content, we have designed several feature columns that will be published periodically on the Ohio Real Estate blog. These columns are: “CLE Update,” “Featured Resource,” “Hot Off the Press,” “Real Estate Law 101,” “Vendor Spotlight” and “Watch Your Language.”

The columns may be easily recognized by unique headline images that will precede each of the posts. Each special headline and a description of the corresponding column follows.

In our CLE Updates we will provide information on upcoming continuing legal education seminars in Ohio that address real estate issues. The title of the seminar, dates, times and location will be included, along with contact information and a web site line so you can obtain further information if you are interested.

There are many useful and informative web sites on the Internet. It’s just a matter of knowing which sites those are and what information can be found on each site. In the “Featured Resource” site we will review those sites and summarize for you what information and useful resources can be found on each of them.

In our “Hot Off the Press” column we will update you on recent federal and state court decisions and statutes on real estate matters.

“Real Estate Law 101” is devoted to the fundamentals in real estate law, where we will provide an overview of basic real estate documents and issues.

Our “Watch Your Language” feature columns will cover two aspects of drafting real estate documents. First, on the macro level, we will address general language issues in various real estate forms and documents. Second, on a micro level, we will get into specific wording and grammar issues and can change the meaning of a document, frequently contrary to what one party intended, and often with costly consequences.

Finally, in our “Vendor Spotlight” we will feature vendors that provide services in the real estate arena, including descriptions of the companies and of the various services they provide.

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