- The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal

Featured Resource is a web site designed for citizen access to governmental information on the Internet. It provides links to all branch’s of the federal government, government agencies, and to state, local and tribal government. Through this web site you can:
  • access an an A-Z agency index
  • search for government information by topic
  • access mortgage calculators or conversion calculators for any type of measurement
  • search for homes and other real estate for sale by the government
  • shop government auctions
  • search and apply for government jobs
  • find federal forms
  • contact elected officials
  • access the FAA’s Flight Delay Information - Air Traffic Control System Command Center
  • check out the beachgoer’s water quality map

The site provides a link to state governments in all 50 states and in the U.S. territories, and to the web sites of towns, cities and county governments. You can even access links to the various tribal governments. Best of all, if you find all the information on this web site to be overwhelming, provides online tutorials on finding government information.

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