Clean Ohio Assistance Fund Dollars (for Environmental Site Assesments and Clean Up Activities)"Back Up for Grabs"

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The Clean Ohio Assistance Fund (COAF) is up and running again. Recently, through House Bill 496, $9.4 million in grant funding is available to be used for brownfield redevelopment in eligible areas of the State. The grant money can fund Phase II Site Assessments, cleanups and “Public Health Projects”. For any one (1) project, up to $300,000 can be obtained for Phase II Site Assessment and up to $750,000 can be obtained for cleanup activities.

Applications are now available and will be accepted by the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) starting on July 1, 2008. This is a competitive process and there are eligibility criteria for the type of applicant and location of the property for which the funds will be used. In general, the applications are scored based on economic benefit, the probable success of the overall project, positive environmental impact, the overall needs of the community, and other criteria. For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Urban Development website at:
This Blog was re-printed with permission from John Garvey, Director of Brownfield Services for Partners Environmental Consulting, Inc. Mr. Garvey notes that "Partner's" has successfully prepared applications for, and implemented many Clean Ohio projects and would be happy to assist those interested in applying for this year's program. John Garveycan be reached at 440-248-6005, or by email at”

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