Commercial Leases and Bankruptcy CLE

Commercial Leases and Bankruptcy: Strategies for Landlords and Tenants
Live Telephone Seminar / Live Audio Webcast Tuition: $199Thursday, August 20, 2009-
1 pm to 2 pm EDT

How can landlords protect their financial interests? How can tenants turn to bankruptcy protection to safeguard their assets?

As more and more businesses battle financial trouble, commercial landlords are dealing with outstanding rent payments while their tenants vacate in droves. While The Bankruptcy Code offers protections both to commercial landlords and tenants it also raises a number of complex legal issues. Counsel for both parties must consider effective strategies to protect against the fallout from tenant bankruptcy.

Topics include:
What are the significant issues that arise when a commercial tenant files for bankruptcy?
What are the best practices for mitigating risk of loss for both tenants and landlords?
What are the current trends for commercial tenant bankruptcy?
What are the breach issues that occur in both reorganization cases and liquidation cases?
What are the two discretionary collection tools and one automatic collection tool available in every bankruptcy case?

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