Market Update for Office and Industrial Real Estate in Cleveland, OH

Colliers Ostendorf-Morris issued its 4th quarter reports for the office market and the industrial market in Cleveland, Ohio.

Click here to access the 4th Quarter Office Market Report

Click here to access the 4th Quarter Industrial Market Report

Click here to access all Cleveland, Ohio market reports

Other Ohio market reports are as follows:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting data. It looks like this year the market will being to recover albeit slowly. This slow recovery appears to be the general trend in North America. For example, the Calgary real estate market is predicted to grow modestly this year, seeing only a increase in price of 6.3% and 17.7% in price and sales respectively.

Patrick said...

This sounds really interesting. I haven’t heard about anything like this previously. I have huge interest in real estate. Thanks andalusia condo

Brad Commercial Real Estate Columbus said...

We are starting to see more commercial real estate sales closing in Columbus Ohio and positive absorption in 2011.