EPA proposes new regulations regarding USTs

EPA regulations regarding underground storage tanks have been in place since 1988 and can be found at 40 CFR 280.  For the first time since then the EPA is proposing to revise these regulations.

Here’s what the EPA is proposing to do:

  • Require implementation of additional secondary containment requirements for new/replaced tanks and piping;
  • Provide for additional operating training requirements for UST system owners and operators (this will be phased in over a period of 3 years); 
  • Add periodic operation and maintenance requirements for UST systems;
  • Add new release prevention and detection methods and technologies; and
  • Eliminate certain deferrals from regulations.

The stated purpose of these proposed regulations is to emphasize the proper operation and maintenance of UST equipment and to improve the prevention and detection of UST releases, a leading source of groundwater contamination.

Because many states also have their own UST programs, the EPA also proposes to update its approval requirements for the state programs to conform to the final federal regulations that are ultimately implemented.

The public comment period to the proposed revisions remains open until April 16, 2012. Click here for an overview of the EPA’s UST laws and regulations. Click here to access further information on the EPA’s web site regarding the proposed regulations.


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