Ohio EPA's Draft Beneficial Use Rules

In my article a couple of weeks ago, I covered some of the information in the Ohio EPA's Dredged Material Program. Due to state law in Ohio prohibiting open lake disposal of dredged material in Lake Erie after July 2020, the limited space left in confined disposal sites, we need to quickly develop cost effective ways to find a beneficial use for the dredged materials. For this reason the Ohio EPA is attempting to develop Beneficial Use rules that provide a framework that will facilitate the reuse of dredged materials.

Below are the links to the Interested Party draft of the Beneficial Use Rules and related information. Changes have been made to the draft based on comments that the Ohio EPA has received and it anticipates filing an official draft with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review later this summer (targeting June 2016).
Beneficial Use Rules

§  Business Impact Analysis Beneficial Use Rules, Ohio Administrative Code 3745-599

§  3745-599-01 Draft Beneficial Use - Applicability 

§  3745-599-02 Draft Beneficial Use - Definitions 

§  3745-599-03 Draft Beneficial Use - Incorporation by Reference 

§  3745-599-05 Draft Beneficial Use - General Exclusions 

§  3745-599-10 Draft Beneficial Use Byproduct Incorporated into Certain Construction Materials or Used as a Fuel or as an Ingredient in a Combustion Unit

§  3745-599-20 Draft Beneficial Use - Prohibitions 

§  3745-599-25 Draft Beneficial Use - Signatures 

§  3745-599-30 Draft Beneficial Use - Relationships Among Authorizing Documents, Rules and the Authority of the Director and Board of Health

§  3745-599-35 Draft Beneficial Use - Legitimacy Criteria 

§  3745-599-60 Draft Approved Sampling and Characterization Procedures for the Use of a Beneficial Use Byproduct 

§  3745-599-200 Draft General Beneficial Use Permit

§  3745-599-210 Draft Notice of Intent to Obtain Coverage Under a General Beneficial Use Permit

§  3745-599-220 Draft Coverage Under a General Beneficial Use Permit 

§  3745-599-310 Draft Application for an Individual Beneficial Use Permit 

§  3745-599-320 Draft Issuance of an Individual Beneficial Use Permit 

§  3745-599-330 Draft Notice and Information for Distribution - Individual Beneficial Use Permits 

§  3745-599-334 Draft Generator Obligations for Record-keeping and Reporting - Individual Beneficial Use Permits 

§  3745-599-335 Draft Distributor Obligations for Record-keeping and Reporting - Individual Beneficial Use Permits 

§  3745-599-340 Draft Characterization and Analysis Plan for Individual Beneficial Use Permits

§  3745-599-345 Draft Compliance Sampling and Analysis for Individual Beneficial Use Permits

§  3745-599-350 Draft Changes to an Individual Beneficial Use Permit

§  3745-599-360 Draft Renewal of an Individual Beneficial Use Permit 

§  3745-599-370 Draft Denial and Revocation of a Beneficial Use Permit

Interested Party Review - 2015 Draft Beneficial Use Rules

Draft General Permits - March 2014

Interested Party Webinar Power Point - June 10, 2015 

Interested Party Webinar Audio - June 10, 2015 

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