Several Ohio Counties Extend Real Estate Tax Due Date

By: Stephen D. Richman, Esq.-Senior Counsel-Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz
Real Estate taxes in Ohio are collected six months in arrears. This means that real estate taxes and assessments for the 2nd ½ 2019 will be due after the first half of 2020. Most counties in Ohio would ordinarily collect the 2nd ½  payment between mid-June and mid-July.

However, to provide additional relief to taxpayers (residential and commercial) as a result of COVID-19, many Ohio Counties have extended their second ½ 2019 due dates. The Cuyahoga County 2019 Second Half Real Estate tax deadline, for example has been extended to August 13, 2020. Tax bills are expected to be in hand approximately 20 days prior to the deadline, per state law. Cuyahoga County Taxpayers are encouraged to use regular mail, the county drop boxes at the County Administrative Headquarters and North Olmsted Auto Title, and online resources to make their payments. For more information, click on:
In an effort to assist Franklin County Residents through the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Franklin County Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Office have moved the due date for their 2nd half real estate property tax collection 45 days from June 22, 2020 to August 5, 2020. For more information regarding Franklin County due dates and payment plans, see:
The Second Half 2019 Hamilton County Real Estate Tax Bills have been extended  until July 17, 2020. For more information regarding Hamilton County real estate taxes, see:

Other counties have not modified their due dates, but are offering installment payment plans.

For example, Summit County’s Tax Installment Payment (T.I.P.) Plan will be available to property owners who are unable to make payment for second half 2019 real estate taxes due in July. Enrollment in T.I.P. can help property owners avoid late payment penalties.
The program was previously offered only to owners of residential, owner-occupied property. On April 27, 2020, Summit County Fiscal Officer Scalise lifted the occupancy requirement and expanded eligibility to rental properties, agricultural properties, commercial parcels, and manufactured homes. For more information or to establish a payment plan, email; or, application forms can be downloaded from their website at
To find out if your county has an extended tax due date, payment plan or other relief, contact your county treasurer or fiscal officer. For a directory of Ohio county treasurers, see: .

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