Featured Environmental Resources

To continue our theme of reviewing resources that are available to you on the Internet, below are links to some websites that are useful starting points on environmental issues in Ohio:

1.  Chemical and Environmental Dictionary -- Not certain what certain terms mean? look them up in this online dictionary for chemical and environmental dictionary.

2.  OEPA -- The web site for the Ohio EPA has many FAQs by topic, permit and compliance assistance, etc.  Your tax dollars paid for this, so put it to use.

3.  RCRA Online -- Hosted by the US EPA, the RCRA Online site is an electronic database that indexes thousands of letters, memoranda, publications, and questions and answers issues by the EPA's Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR).

4. EPA Superfund -- Lastly, the US EPA has a tremendous amount of information online regarding CERCLA aka Superfund.

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